I get asked a lot if it is difficult to follow the 21 DayFix meal plan.

I personally don’t think it is, but you have to be willing to put in the work. You bought the program because you were looking for a change. To get results from that you know that changes need to be made in your daily routines. This could mean scheduling in a time to begin meal prepping and planning.

I find it easiest to do this on Sunday afternoons. Yes, it is harder in the summer because all I want to do is be outside. Sometime over the weekend make your meal plan for the week. From the meal plan create your grocery list. Shop directly from your list! I have found this also lowers our food bill by not throwing in random impulse buys. After going to the grocery store, cut up and bag any fruits and veggies that you can for the next week. If it is already prepared it will be easier when it comes time to make supper for that given day.

Don’t overthink what you are going to eat. Sometimes the simplest of meals fit perfectly for the container system. The main thing to remember is to eat REAL food. Below are some easy meals that work for this! 

This was some random food that I had in the refrigerator. This meal is one red, one green, and half a purple container.

How some of my meal prep went after shopping

One green and one red

Again, one green and one red

What is each color container used for?

  • Green: Vegetables 
  • Red: Protein
  • Purple: Fruits
  • Yellow: Carbohydrates
  • Blue: Healthy Fats
  • Orange: Seeds and dressing

I hope this helps in making it a little easier when you begin using the containers!