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This past weekend we made a family trip to Cape May, New Jersey. I was incredibly excited about the trip and it’s always tons of fun to be with our family. But I’ll be honest in thinking about going to New Jersey – the first thought that came to mind was Jersey Shore

I was so nervous it was going to be trashy to say the least. But to my very pleasant surprise it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Oh my gosh. I loved the area we were in.

We flew into Atlantic City. Atlantic City is the closest airport to Cape May. From there we drove about 45 minutes down the Garden State Parkway. Even just driving down the Parkway was beautiful to see. Everything was so green and lush. We would come across random views of the water and gorgeous beach houses.

Yay successful first flight with a baby!

The whole family was staying in a house on the heart of town. The house was adorable and so was everything on the street!

The house we stayed in

Are you catching a theme here?


We were told the best way to see Cape May was either by foot or bicycle and I have to completely agree! Get out and walk around. You will not be disappointed.

We ate at the Lobster House one day for lunch. It was delicious! It is right on the water. While we waited we walked along the pier. There are other restaurants and you can see the boats in the harbor and the houses as well. I had the crab stuffed shrimp as my meal. I highly recommend it! The restaurant is attached to a seafood market called The Fish Market. You can get tons of fresh seafood or browse the amazing dessert selection like we did!

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We also ate at Wawa. I actually ate there twice because my past Virginia living, gas station sub-loving heart couldn’t resist it!

I have recently been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Walking into the downtown area of Cape May made me feel as though I had just stepped into Stars Hallow! I was in love. The town was all decorated for fall and it just made it that much more magical. There were tons of cute little shops and a massive amount of ice creams shops! Clearly ice cream is a staple here. Some shops had already closed down for the season but most were still open. We were told the official end of season is this coming week so I’m happy we were able to visit before it happened.

The strangest thing to me was referring to the beach as the shore. We walked to the shore a few different times. I love looking out over the water so I was happy to go back again and again.

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We toured the Cape May Lighthouse. The view from the top was so pretty! You could see all over town, a view out into the ocean, and even see an old bunker on the beach.

I have never seen such a large beach area compared to the area where the bunker was. You couldn’t see where the water actually began if you were at the entrance to the shore.

During one of our walks we stumbled upon the Oktober Fest. There were tons of booths set up and music playing. We stopped at a place called Hot Dog Tommy’s because it advertised having a mashed potato tornado. I’m up for any reason to eat potatoes! It was a huge bowl of mashed potatoes, bacon, cheese, and sour cream. It was so good! The only thing change I would would be to add more butter. Let’s be honest, that just the southern in me talking!

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Living in Florida, I really miss seeing the leaves change and fall to the ground. I was very excited to see fallen, crispy leaves on the ground while walking the streets of Cape May!