You all have seen how I post workout pictures ALL the time to my social media right?! Ha! But seriously, do you know one of the reasons why I do that? To track my own progress! Photos are one of the best ways to see what changes have been made. 

The other day I checked the On This Day feature on Facebook to find a picture from last January. My eyes immediately went to my hips. My hips are my trouble spot. When I looked at the picture all I could think about was how different I felt I looked now. I am one that will still look in the mirror and see what it was before. It’s something I’m working on. I’m human and tend to see the negative in myself at times. I don’t like it! 

Anyway! I decided to put on a similar outfit and take a current picture so I could see the two side by side. WHOA! I was very pleased when I did this. I couldn’t believe it! The funny thing is, if you check my weight and my measurements I am pretty much the exact same as last year. My inches have clearly shifted elsewhere and my body fat has turned into more muscle. It pretty much put me on cloud nine. It also meant don’t you skip today’s workout now that you really see how much it is paying off!

I think everyone should take progress pictures along your fitness journey. You don’t have to publicly share them on social media or even with anyone. But, take the pictures. When you can compare them after a program or in a year you will be glad you did. All those times you thought it wasn’t working and it actually was. It will be worth all the sweat, tears, lack of motivation, or anything else you may feel during the journey. Remember this is a journey. No need to rush the process. Do it the healthy way but exercising and eating right and your body will respond. This will help you have long term results.  

I can’t wait to see what your progress pictures will look like!