Every quarter Beachbody holds an event called Super Saturday. It is basically an event where local coaches can come together to meet in person, network, and learn. There are typically some speakers (at some locations it can be someone from corporate), a workout, some networking games, and a video provided by corporate.
Ours was held on Friday this year. I’ve only attended 2 other times so this is still very new to me. I knew this one was going to be different because in the invite they talked about how there would be speakers and they were raffling off the new Performance Line! That was pretty exciting. It was fun because the hosts even made signing up to come into a game. If you signed up before a certain date – raffle ticket. Sign up to bring a guest – raffle ticket. There were a few other ways to earn extra tickets – wear pink or bring a healthy snack to share with the group.
My sister attended the event with me (RAFFLE TICKET!). I also wanted Matt to go, but he had drill. Womp womp. This was her first time so she really didn’t know what to expect! After we signed in, they gave everyone a sheet of paper with different items listed on it. The point of it was so that we had to talk to each other. We had to find one person that could fill in the spot. Some of them included: Registered for Coach Summit 2016 (Me!), guest (my sister could help out!), Emerald Coach, Diamond Coach, been a Coach less than 30 days, worked out live with Autumn Calabrese etc. There were about 20 things on the sheet! It was a lot of fun. It also opened up a way to start the conversation with everyone.  
Next was the fun part – the workout! We were able to preview the cardio workout from the new program The Masters Hammer and Chisel. The program isn’t even being released until December 1st! (click HERE to be notified when it’s available!) I fell in love instantly. So did Britt! It was only 17 minutes, but I got my booty kicked! I can’t wait for this to be released. I already have it planned on my schedule when I will be doing it 🙂

After the butt-kicking, we all sat down to listen to the speakers. One person shared about their 100 lb weight loss – yeah you read that right. How awesome is that! Just by incorporating the programs, Shakeology, and healthy eating into his daily life he was able to achieve this. Another shared about how Shakeology has helped multiple people in their family in different ways. Some included lowering blood pressure or cholesterol. One of the hosting coaches told her financial transformation since becoming a coach. She talked about all the ways it has helped their family and the time they are able to have together now. All the stories were very inspiring. After that we watched the video from corporate sharing tips and what’s to come in 2016.

Then it was time for the raffle! Or so we thought. They tricked us by having 3 other small giveaways! They drew 3 of the cards from the beginning of the evening to win. I WON! I never win. I really excited! I won a bottle of Beachbody’s Activit. I have never used before, so time to give it a go! Then they really did have the raffle. A lady won the Performance Line and she was so excited! Everyone was so happy for her. I hope she has awesome results from using it!

Until next time Super Saturday!

** Beachbody does not say that using their products will result in changes of your levels or that any certain income is promised to coaches **