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You all probably think I am a broken record, but I absolutely loved Shift Shop! But not everything about it. I have been spoiled with 30 minute workouts so doing the last week of the 45 minute ones was TOUGH! Throughout the program Chris Downing, the trainer, talks about making shifts in your life. For me, the mindset shift really happened during the 45 minute week which is week 3. It was a challenge for me to find the motivation to keep going. I never gave up and pushed through. When I made to the end each day I felt so good!

This is the first program since having C that I have actually taken my measurements. I got pregnant and had a baby so I knew my body expanded. I knew there were extra inches. I didn’t need to measure myself to know that. To me I was better to just work on what I saw physically then to focus on those numbers.

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I did know my weight from having follow up doctor appointments so that I have been monitoring. Working out for me still hasn’t been about weight loss. I gained 25 lbs while pregnant. I was at my pre-pregnancy weight in less than 3 weeks postpartum. I have never actually said that to anyone other than my husband, parents, and sister. I always felt weird saying it because for whatever reason sometimes women are judged by how their bodies change after pregnancy. I shouldn’t feel weird. It’s part of my postpartum journey. Part of my story. I may have been at 127 lbs since November, but my body looks drastically different from what it did then.

I finally feel comfortable to share that number because I know so many people only focus on what the scale tells them. You are so much more than a number on the scale.


6 weeks postpartum vs today – both 127 lbs. My pre-pregnancy shorts are officially too big! I know that makes it difficult to see current progress but I was really excited and it shows the difference of what the same weight can mean. 

It can be so easy to only see the number on the scale. I like to focus on what I can see and do that has changed. I saw a lot of change with this program!

I haven’t used weights much so it felt so good to add them back in. I was doing moves with my 10 lb weights that I struggled with before C with my 5 lb ones. I could have moved up to my 15 lb weights for a lot of moves but I didn’t feel comfortable yet. I’m still nursing so I modify some still. It was fun to challenge myself a bit more with this one. I definitely want to do it again after I’m finished to really see how it goes.

I finally feel the strength back in my core. Push ups are still funny to watch! I can do them on my knees and a couple the regular way. This is a huge improvement! This program had a lot of push ups and planks so I actually gained an inch in my chest. I was happy to see gaining some of my muscle back.

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How would you describe the program?

To me, it reminded me of sports training. There is a lot of cardio and weights. There are moves to change your direction quickly, moves to increase your speed, and weights to help you gain more strength. I liked it because I have not completed a program like this before. I’m not really a cardio fan {for some reason I keep doing cardio programs}, but I really enjoyed the cardio days. Not necessarily while I was doing them, but definitely once the time was up! The workouts start out at 25 minutes during week 1, then 35 minutes for week 2, and finally 45 minutes for week 3. Each week you do cardio, strength, core, and either mobility (stretch) or make it a rest day. There is a modifier for every workout so anyone can do it! I definitely followed this person on some of the moves. You still get a great workout doing so!

Do you need equipment?

Yes. A set of light and medium weights. I have 5 lb and 10 lbs. By the end I was only using the 10 lbs and could have gone up to 15 lbs but didn’t.

How is the meal plan?

Loved it! Well, what I followed of it. I followed it for the most part because again, nursing. If I was hungry, I ate. I did try some of the recipes from the recipe guide and they were all delicious! As the program progresses, you increase your protein and vegetable intake while decreasing your carbs.

Is there a video?

Yep! Click here to watch.

Can you get results with this program?

Oh yeah! If you put in the time and effort you will get results. Dial in on your nutrition and follow the workouts and your body will respond. It’s amazing what you can do in 3 weeks. Remember, it’s not always physical. Sometimes it is what is happening on the inside that makes a huge difference and keeps you pushing forward.

 How do I get the program?

Right now the only way to access Shift Shop is with Beachbody on Demand. I highly recommend Beachbody on Demand because you can continue on with more than just the one program afterwards for a great deal. You literally get access to ALL the programs they’ve created before. That even includes having access to all the meal plans and recipes too! Plus me as your coach to help you along.

2018 PowerSheets Collection

Comment below or email me if you have questions about starting your own journey! You can make your own shift in your life.