Open your Bible.

Sounds simple right? Is that something you struggle to do regularly?
Because I do.
This is an honest blog about how I want to be better at this. 
I’ve never perfected being a regular reader. I don’t really know why. I trust the Word. I need the Word. I just struggle with knowing where to begin. I’ve read a few of the books in full but never fully through the entire Bible. Definitely a goal one day! I can tell you some of my favorite verses that are close to my heart and give me strength.
But I need more. I need to know more. I need to feel that closeness with God. I feel Him everyday and I need to make it a point to understand more. I’ve been praying about how to go about this because I honestly just felt lost.
God works in mysterious ways on how He answers prayers. A friend posted on Facebook last week about a Bible study called “Open Your Bible.” Of course the title spoke right to me. I clicked the link and reviewed it on the LifeWay website. I knew I needed to buy. I knew that post was meant for me. Side note: this month it comes with the notebook for free!
Today it came in the mail.
It’s a 7 week series that helps you dig into why God’s Word is for you. Right now. Always. There is even a section if you wanted to do this with a group. I’ve only glanced at the first week so far. It has 4 days worth of study and the group part before beginning week 2.
Why am I sharing this? Because we all need accountability in our lives. I am sharing this to say that I will finish this Bible study. My goal is to do it in 7 weeks like it is laid out. I will try to remember to share what I learn it in weekly or what I think about it.