This past weekend we ran in the Marine Mud Run. This is a race we have been wanting to do for a few years. The last few years it has always fallen on a weekend the Matt was out of town. We were very excited when we saw we could participate this year! So excited that I woke up at 5:45am without an alarm! 

Sleepy eyes for me 🙂

I told Matt he had to stay with me the whole time. I wasn’t sure what all the obstacles would be or if I could do them all! The thought of getting stuck at one was a little nerve racking. There was only one obstacle I had trouble with! It was a wall that you had to jump over. Umm I tried. I failed. Matt boosted me over 🙂 but hey I didn’t go around the wall!

The other obstacles were fun and not as bad as I was expecting. Although getting in the lake waist deep was very cold! Twice. After the first time in my legs were completly numb. I guess you could say that made running a little easier haha. There were lots of mud pits, sliding down muddy hills, muddy hills into more mud pits, and climbing under multiple poles in mud pits. Did I mention mud pits? Lots of mud!

The last part of the race is going back into waist deep water then jumping over another wall. Guess who made it over this one?! Yes, it was shorter. But I was determined to do it on my own and I did! After crossing the finish line you can get back in the lake to rinse off or use the hoses that are attached to the fire truck.

Only one of us rinsed off 🙂

Since it was a mud run neither of us carried a phone so we weren’t able to really get any good pictures. It was tons of fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year!