One of my favorite things about November is the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. One of my least favorite things about October is dress shopping for the ball. Seriously. Shopping is not my thing! But we always turn it into some adventure so that makes it fun!

On a Saturday morning my sister and I set out to find my dress for next month. We started off at a local consignment shop. It’s where I found my dress last year so I think I had my hopes too high going in. I found some cute dresses but nothing that really sold me.  We had fun trying on random dresses.

Sometimes you just have to try on silly ones and then they end up fitting perfectly! 
Later we went back home to pick up mom and venture out again to some more shops. We found a few that were really cute, but not really me. We tried a few other local shops and some big name stores at the mall. Mom suggested we try a few more places, but after a few hours of shopping I was done. My sister and I were ready to go back home! Mom just laughed at us, of course.

Although we may not have found anything we still had lots of fun trying on dresses and looking. Until next time! Luckily there is still plenty of time to continue shopping.