Love your body.

Seriously, all of it. It is the only one you have.

I was having a conversation with Matt earlier this morning during my workout about how much I love my 30 year old body way more than I did my 20-something year old one. He complimented me and then I began really thinking about it. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen what it is capable of and truly appreciate it now. I will forever be amazed that my body grew our adorable little baby and to date is her main source of nourishment. 

I haven’t always been active or conscious of what I put in my body and how I treat it. I was always active when I was younger. I played softball, took multiple dance classes, and did color guard in high school. During college pretty much all activity stopped. Once I moved away to finish my undergrad, my roommates and I would occasionally go to the gym or run on campus. I also played volleyball on the intramural team, but none of it was consistent. I definitely didn’t eat well. I loved fast food, but I did love salad so those were in my routine some! With a heavily buttered baked potato.

After college, I started to become a bit more active once Matt joined the Marine Corps. Probably because he was paying more attention to what he was doing and he would ask me to run or lift with him. I said no to going. A LOT. Eventually we did start running more together and doing races. I love races! I hate running, but something about the races I love. Mainly the race shirt and crossing the finish line!

Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to figure out what you enjoy the most to get you moving. I found what I enjoy in July 2014. That’s when I officially started doing Beachbody programs. I bought my first one in 2010 and never completed it. Honestly, to date I still haven’t completed that one. Anyway, for me I discovered that at home workouts were what worked best for me. At the time I was active in the challenges groups to help keep me accountable. It was perfect because when I didn’t want to workout I saw all these other girls getting it done and that made me pushed play. My favorite part was learning all these new recipes! I love to eat but I wasn’t very adventurous in the kitchen. Fast forward to present date and I’ve been consistently doing the home workouts for 3 years next month! Also, almost 3 years of more adventurous cooking.

It’s all a work in progress. I’m still a work in progress. I still love my Dr. Pepper and Taco Bell, but I also love chicken and veggies cooked all different ways. I don’t deprive myself. I’m just more aware of what I’m doing and what I’m putting in my body. Now if I eat too much out of my healthier cooking I don’t feel as good. My body now actually wants the good stuff! I also crave my time to workout. It’s when I can step away from everything and sweat it out.

It is important to take time to care for yourself. It isn’t selfish. You can’t take care of others if you don’t care for yourself. The better I am at me, the better I am as a wife and mom for Matt and C.


Love your body
Nurture it
Feed it healthy foods
Enjoy your treats
Get moving
Get enough sleep
Feed your soul
Grow your mind