I keep seeing multiple blog post floating around with 2017 holiday gift guides listed. I love seeing the different ideas! So I decided why not write one myself?! This is a list of some of my personal favorite things or some things I have on my Christmas wish list. I’m a pen to paper kind of girl and fitness lover so there are multiple things like that listed. 2018 is almost here {how is that even possible!} and some of these ideas are great to keep in mind if your loved one is looking to establish good goals, create a consistent fitness routine, or grow in their faith. Grab your phone and cuddle up with something warm and get to shopping!


1. Cultivate What Matters 2018 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner

2018 PowerSheets Collection

If you have been following me here or on social media for a bit you know I love my PowerSheets. These are a great product to use if you want to set good and intentional goals for yourself. This is not a product you make a quick New Years’ Resolution and never look at it again. You check in on these goals monthly and even do a quarterly refresh to make sure your goals align with your purpose. You can either choose a full year option or a 6 month option. I personally recommend the full year set. I’ve used both so I can help explain either to you.

I wrote more on them here. They also have other great products to decorate the PowerSheets with like stickers and tending tape {washi tape}. There is also other guides to help with children, couples, and creating meaningful friendships.


2. A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living by Emily Ley

I love following Emily Ley on Instagram. She is always sharing tricks and tips how to simplify your home and space. She released her new book A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living last month with even more ways to simplify your life. The book includes different worksheets to do along with it. The book is visually beautiful!

Right now the book is on Audible for $7.98! I know a lot of people enjoy listening to books but I really do think this is one you want the physical copy of.



3. 90 Degree by Reflex High Waist Tummy Control Shapewear

I love workout clothes but struggle when it comes to paying the high price of the name brand ones. Don’t get my wrong, I love all my Nike gear but I bought it all at the outlet or on clearance. Needless to say I love a good deal. I have see multiple posts on Instagram and a few blog posts talking about these leggings. All the reviews I have seen of them have compared them to Lululemon leggings which can run close to $100 a pair! I’ve never worn Lululemon so I can’t say what I think of those, but I did add these to my wish list for Christmas! If they really are as good as the reviews have said then the price of $18.99 sounds like a good deal to me. I personally chose the Seagreen and Magenta colors. There are so many colors to choose from!


4. The Simplified Planner

Simplified Planner, Emily Ley, Daily Planner

A few months ago I posted here about trying to decide what planner I wanted to use for 2018. I warned you I was a pen to paper girl! I finally decided on Emily Ley’s The Simplified Planner. The planner is just that – simple. I chose the daily option that has time slots for the day, a place for my to-do list, notes, and meals for the day. There is also a weekly option. I love all the fun covers there are to choose from. I went with the Fancy Floral {far right in image above}. If you want this one, better order it quick before their last minute shipping in time for Christmas ends!


5. Amazon Prime

Need I say more? But seriously, did you know you can gift Amazon Prime?! We received it as a gift last year and it was one of the best gifts! Now we subscribe to it ourselves because we loved it so much. Not only do you get free two-day shipping on most items, but you have access to music, movies, books, subscribe and save, and more! I love using Prime especially for bigger items that are harder to shop for with a little one in the buggy at the store.


6. She Reads Truth Bible

Everything that She Reads Truth creates is beautiful! If you’ve never seen any of their products I recommend checking out their website to browse. They have tons of different Bible studies for men, women, and children. Recently they finally released their own Bible. I had been wanting a new one, but I couldn’t decide what kind to get. After I saw this one I knew I wanted it. There are many different color options. I bought the navy leather that is indexed (here). I really wanted the poppy color (first on the left above), but it was a hard cover and I wanted the leather cover. There is plenty of space in the margins to write, Bible reading plans, devotionals throughout. and two bookmarks. There are multiple cover color options and hardbound or leather options.


7. Write the Word Journals

Write the Word Journals

These journals would make a great accessory to go along with the She Reads Truth Bible! The journals allow you to write out God’s word from a certain scripture then there is room to write out your prayers and/or thoughts for each day you do it. There are 5 different options Cultivate Faith, Cultivate Joy, Cultivate Gratitude, Cultivate Faith, Cultivate Hope, and Cultivate Renewal. I have the Cultivate Gratitude one. You can purchase all 5 in a bundle or individually.


8. Fitness Tee Co Tanks

Again I love workout clothes. I especially love ones with funny sayings on them. What makes that even better is when those are on sale! For the next couple of days you can get workout tanks from Fitness Tee Co for $6.99 each. These are normally $19.99 plus on a given day. Check this out before it’s gone!




9. Bath Bombs

I have never used this specific brand, but I love taking a bath. You can never go wrong by inspiring your loved one to take a few minutes for some self-care to take a bath.



10. Beachbody Performance Energize Pre-Workout

I told you this list also included things I wanted! I loved taking Energize for my workouts. I wasn’t able to while pregnant or nursing so I’m finally getting back to the point I can use it again. It tastes amazing and doesn’t make me crash or feel jittery. It comes in a tub container or individual packets. This would go well with the new tanks and yoga pants above! And my personal favorite way to workout using Beachbody on Demand.


So there you have it! My list is made up of gifts to help the lady in your life grow in their faith, set intentional goals, simplify your life and home, and promote self-care and healthy habits. I would love to know your top picks!

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