Can I get an amen?!

No, seriously, it deserves thousands of them.

I personally found the 4 month sleep regression to be way more difficult than the newborn stage. Before she was born I already wasn’t sleeping so adding in a newborn just seemed fitting to continue on not sleeping. I was already so sleep deprived I don’t think I noticed the difference! Ok, I really did and wanted sleep so badly! Thankfully around 8-9 weeks she started sleeping great. Hello sleep training! Yes, I did it. It was great and worked wonderfully {there are other methods that don’t involve crying it out}. Before the sleep training began she had weaned herself to waking up only once at night to feed. She is exclusively breastfed and had great weight gain so the pediatrician said it was ok to continue not waking her.

From around the beginning of January until the end of February she slept great! She was incredibly happy. I finally felt like I was getting rest. You can’t make up months of missed sleep in a few weeks time, but man did it feel good. Then March rolled around and it all went downhill. Suddenly my amazing sleeper was no more. I don’t really have any advice on how to get through it aside from prayer and patience, but I will tell you what we did.

  • Prayer – seriously I was a broken record. One night as I was praying about it I actually said, “Hey God, it’s me again. You know, the broken record.” I like to speak to Him as if I’m having a conversation so it works! He listens so just let Him know where you are and to guide you through it. Eventually we made it to the other side!
  • Patience – yeah, I have nothing to actually say on that. When I’m sleep deprived my patience level is about negative 10. Just try to muster some up at every chance you get!
  • Co-Sleeping – Wait, did I just use that word?! I did. Keep in mind I am one that is completely against it! It’s just not something we want. But sometimes you have to do what you can to make sure the baby gets sleep. Sometimes that means extra snuggles. Sometimes that means sharing your bed for a few hours during the night.
  • Earlier Bed Time – Some nights the bed time routine would start earlier. This helped some nights, but then not the next so I can’t really say if this helped get past it.
  • Baths at night – Typically I do her baths in the morning. It just works better for us that way. I tried a few times at night to see if it would help and it was also hit or miss.
  • Sounds – We have a sound machine playing every night but we tried some different ones. I have an app on my phone called Calm and I would play the rain sound for her if she woke during the night. Matt has a different app with all kinds of sounds {I don’t know the name of it}, but she loves the hair dryer one on it!
  • Nursing – This one was hard. Occasionally she would wake and the only way to get her to go back to sleep was with nursing. This really wasn’t something I wanted her to get used to. I was afraid it would create a sleeping association {co-sleeping as well} especially since she had been going for so long not waking to eat. Thankfully neither created one.

Then suddenly about a week ago she just started sleeping again. She was back to only waking once during the night. She was sleeping in her bed all night. She was back to not needing snuggles to fall asleep and could fall asleep on her own! She has never really been a good napper so those stayed roughly the same during and after. I am praying this good sleep continues!

In the end, the important thing was to make sure the baby was getting sleep. Of course we wanted it as well, but she needed it more with so many developments happening.

{These parenting techniques are my own opinion. The only view I have on other parents is do whatever works best for you and your child(ren), not everyone else}