I hate running.

Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.

Ok maybe hate is a strong word. I very much dislike running. For some crazy reason we continue to sign up for races. I’m not talking about signing up for a 5k. I mean we just signed up for another, yes another, half marathon. It gets better – it’s on Halloween! As in 4 weeks away. Are we crazy? Possibly 😉

This will be the second one that we have ran this year and our third one total. But honest moment, the first time I crossed the finish line of one I cried. I could not believe I had done it! It didn’t help that Matt was already there at the finish line taking my picture as I crossed the grabbing me after I got my medal. It was an awesome moment to share with him! He was (and still is) the one that motivates me the most while running. I get in my own head and he helps me get out and keep pushing. That guy, I tell you, can make me mad and happy all at the same time! {I sure hope you can sense my sarcasm all through this blog}

After our first half marathon.

Want to know part that really had me interested in running this particular half marathon? Honestly? Well, we heard that you received a nice pullover in your race packet. So when we read the description on the website sure enough it says each participant will receive a quarter zip pullover! Even more than that? We get a medal. Umm, yes! That is my absolute favorite part. We still have the medals from our first half marathon in our living room. It’s hard work to get one of those!

One day maybe we will complete a full marathon. Until then I will keep pretending to enjoy running until I make it to the finish line.

Because that is my favorite part.

Knowing that I did it.

That I completed it.

I completed something that was very hard.

Both mentally and physically.

And you can do it too.

Run happy, my friends!

Our sign my sister made for us 🙂