This past weekend we ran our 3rd half marathon. It was perfect weather for one. It was cool, no rain, and a little cloudy. It definitely felt cold before we began, but it was perfect for the race itself. I originally just packed some shorts and a tank to run in. Luckily I put the pullover we received for registering for the race in my bag. I ended up wearing it the entire time!

Before the race
The few weeks leading up to the race had some setbacks. There was some rain so running outside didn’t happen. I pulled a muscle in my back a couple weeks before so I wasn’t working out at all to let it heal. Thankfully it was back to normal come race time. But I say all this to mean that there was absolutely zero training for at least 3 weeks leading up to the race.
I do not recommend this!
Aside from not working out the few weeks before, the longest run we had gotten up to in training was 3 miles. We ran a 5k! My body definitely felt it during the race. I ran/walked a majority of the race. My goal was to cross the finish line – preferably injury free. I probably could have pushed myself more in the beginning but I knew I need to last for 13 miles.
Surprisingly I felt pretty good up until around mile 10. I even stayed with the 2:30:00 pacer! I’m not a fast runner, nor will I ever claim to be 🙂 At the 10 mile point my legs began to cramp. Cramping so bad I could actually see the muscles in my calf clenching up. I walked a big part of the last 3 miles from the cramps. Every time I would begin running after a few minutes the cramps would start up again. I knew it wasn’t worth causing more damage so I opted for walking. I would stop and stretch when necessary and run when I could.
My goal was to finish in 3 hours. I finished in 3:01. I would say I am upset about going over it by a minute when I was well on track to finish below it, but I’m not.  The fact that I hadn’t worked out or ran and I was still able to push my body both mentally and physically to the finish line was a victory for me. You are capable of doing so much more than you realize! Listen to your body when you need to, but you can push so much more!
The medal for finishing! My favorite part!

Don’t give up and cross the finish line. It’s always nice when you finish to be greeted with hugs! Matt and Amy were there waiting. Now I guess it is time to figure out our next race and actually plan in some training 😉 

and of course I have to have a picture at the finish line with my own personal motivator 🙂