So how’s the half marathon training going?

Well, it’s going! Maybe not so well, but it’s going. Last week made it difficult since there was so much rain. Every day it rained. I love running outside so that was not able to happen. Luckily Matt does have a gym membership where he can take a guest so we had access to the treadmill.

Running on a treadmill is terrible! Ha! Seriously. I don’t think I ran more than 2.5 miles on it. Something about it just hurts my knees. I’m jealous of those that can do it. So last week we ran 3 times on the treadmill. These weren’t long runs, but at least it was running.

On Sunday we had scheduled our first long training run. It was sunny and beautiful! We set out to do 6 miles. Since it had rained so much we knew the greenways would more than likely be covered in mud. We decided to head out to the track at the high school. After running on a treadmill, going 24 times in a circle did not seem like a terrible idea! Well… we were wrong. We discovered quickly that we had not hydrated enough the day before or that morning. We ended up doing 2.5 miles (must be our magic number). We ran a solid mile then did sprints on the straightaways for the remainder of the time. Whew those wear me out! It worked out well because I’m not one to add sprints on my own so I was glad he wanted to do them.

Last night we did a 3 mile run through a hilly neighborhood. I was happy that I only walked a few times on the really big hills. I’m normally the one that stops at the bottom of one and walks the rest of the way 🙂 It was getting dark so we had to dodge cars a few times. It added a little excitement to the run. Haha. It really did help because it took my mind off of my burning quads and I kept moving to get back home. Maybe we will get in a short run again on Friday before our planned long run on Sunday. Hopefully this time we are more prepared and will finish the distance we set out to do!

I am very thankful for a husband that pushes me to do this. I would never do this on my own. Once we finish running I have the greatest feeling so I keep reminding myself that runner’s high is coming! Just keep moving your feet lady!

Oh and PS – I am loving my new Nike Flyknits for running. I was obsessed with the Nike Free 4.0 but these have blown those out of the water!