This post is a first of its kind for me. I have never actually sat down and shared my goals. Today I am sharing some of my goals for February.

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I’ll be honest, this post seems all too personal. I know I enjoy reading what others have to say when it comes to their goals so here is my chance for growth to do the same!

One {of the many} things I love about using PowerSheets is they really focus on making little by little progress. It also helps you from becoming burnt out and done with trying to achieve your goals a month into it.

How many people have already given up on their resolutions for the year?

Probably a lot.

I personally don’t set resolutions. I never have. I have made goals before but also never stuck to them. As I get older I realize more and more I need pen to paper to make anything happen. My desk is full of different planners for different things! Maybe one day I’ll do a post on those.

Back to goals!

I have a few BIG goals I want to work on this year. Others are smaller and some won’t be shared publicly 🙂


Grow in my faith.

This is huge. I have always had a strong faith, but something I haven’t done regularly is read the Bible. My biggest goal for this year is to read the entire Bible.


I knew to begin with I needed to find a Bible reading plan. I follow She Works His Way on Instagram. They have a huge heart for God and shared they had a Bible reading plan on their website that they would also be following this year.

Oh hey, thanks God for the nudge on what to use.

I went to their website and printed off the plan. You can find it here. In my PowerSheets they have a few pages within each month called Wild Card pages. These pages are intentionally left blank so we can use them however. I used them for different reasons, but I also have taped in my monthly reading plans. I keep the current month in my Bible so it is easy to access first thing, then once the month is over I tape it in the PowerSheets.

As of today, February 2nd, I am on track to finish the year strong! It’s not about perfection. I am happy to be in the Word everyday and learning from it.

Pictured here: Bible is from She Reads Truth, PowerSheets, and She Works His Way reading plan

Other ways I am working on building my faith is attending church every Sunday, using my Write the Word journal weekly, and I started attending a new Bible study this week.


Grow as a blogger.

I enjoy blogging. Sometimes I feel like I have zero idea what I am doing – because I don’t. But, it is fun to figure it out along the way.

One way to grow as a blogger is to actually blog. I have a goal to post twice each month.

One down, one to go!

Celebrate all progress! Part of being a better blogger is learning more about it. I now schedule time aside each week to work on posts and research tips. It has helped a lot!


Create a budget.

Eh why is this one so hard?! I have an accounting background so you would think I would love this stuff!

I do.

When it’s not my own money I am dealing with. 

Back to the idea of I need pen to paper to make things happen, I found a Budget Planner on sale. Why would I pay full price for something to help me keep track of money?! And if you know me, I hate paying full price for anything.

The Budget Planner is from Happy Planner. I bought the refill set which is 6 months worth. It can be found on Amazon. We will see how this 6 months go before I purchase the remainder of the year.

It has sections to fill in for your savings goals, bills, and expenses.


This one is health and fitness related. God has given me one body and it is my job to take care of it.

I make it a goal to meal plan and grocery shop for each week so I am not tempted with crap food.

Get some type of movement in each day. Currently I am doing 80 Day Obsession on Beachbody on Demand.

The biggest one – give up drinking Dr. Pepper. I only have it once a day, but oh my gosh it is so hard to give up! I have never actually written down to stop drinking it until this month. I don’t think I was ever actually fully prepared to do it. Now it is written in my Daily Goals section so I will see a check mark each day that I did not have it! Hello motivation.

Another goal on this is self-care. This has multiple meanings to it. It could be take time to read, take a bath, alone time, heck even take a nap! Find out whatever that means for you and do it.


One goal I have is to use social  media less. If I do use it, I want it to be for something good. Mindless scrolling can take over so easily! I want to share things that can help people or inspire them. I have unfollowed people that post negative things. I hardly read the news. I know stuff happens, but that doesn’t mean I need to fill my head with it every second.

Something new I am trying this month is no social media at all on Sunday’s. I already keep my social media apps in one folder, but now I will move that folder to the last screen on my phone so it’s not so tempting to open. I will also turn off all notifications. I don’t have many on, but the less the better!

That’s all for now on the goals I will be sharing!

What is something you are working on today to help you reach your goals? Remember it doesn’t have to be something big. Every small step you take will help lead you to the big outcome!


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