Do you get stressed out sometimes in the kitchen?
On Sunday I told Matt I was going to cook every night this week because we have been eating out basically everyday for a few weeks. I’ve cooked here and there but not like we were. I don’t even mean cooking healthy food, I mean I literally just wasn’t cooking! I wasn’t feeling it. I was tired. Excuses, excuses right?
So Sunday I made a meal plan and a grocery list. I stuck to the list when we went shopping.
Last night I planned on making a new meal (to us) from the Fixate cookbook. Well, I didn’t plan well with time.

I got overwhelmed. And a little irritated.
Matt asked when it would be ready. Not rushing me, just asking. My estimate was an hour. He didn’t say anything about the time frame, he just made me a glass of wine and went into the living room! Love that guy.
I got irritated it took so long and was worried it wouldn’t taste good.
Guess what? It was delicious and he loved it.
The point of this? Don’t stress while in the kitchen. Your husband is probably just happy he has food in front of him and that you made it.
It’s the little things.