Do you date your spouse?

One thing I love is when Matt and I plan a date night. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but knowing that the night is set aside specifically for us. We could go to dinner, check out a new place we have never been before, or even just rent a move from the Redbox and watch it together. The specifics of the date are not important to me. What is important to me is spending quality alone time with my husband.

I think it is important to actually say, “tonight is a date night.” We are married, of course we eat together pretty much every night. It makes the night so much different when we say it’s a date. It’s also fun when it randomly happens during the week at last minute. Then it’s more like a surprise! I love sitting at dinner with him talking and having a glass of wine.

A couple weeks ago we planned a big date night. I mean this as in big for us. To some this could be a normal date night. It was on a Thursday night. We started off with a couples massage at Massage Envy. This was his first massage. I think I may have him hooked now! It was so relaxing and much needed. I’ve had massages before but never a couples massage. I’m ready to go back for another one!

After we were finished and felt like complete noodles we headed downtown for dinner. We were starving! On Thursday’s we love to go to our favorite sushi place, Nama Sushi Bar. There is always a huge wait so we will put our name down and walk down to another restaurant, Downtown Grill and Brewery, for a glass of wine. The other restaurant is also always crowded so we just sit at the bar. The bartenders are great there! So friendly and always attentive. We each had a glass of wine and split the beer cheese pretzels because why not?! So good!

After a very long wait we finally got the call our table was ready. We walked back down to the restaurant and ate entirely too much sushi! It was so good as always and we were very pleased. With our stuffed stomachs it is nice knowing there is a decent walk back to the car!

It was a perfect night so I think now it’s time to start planning what to do next.