I enjoy reading. As in, for fun. I didn’t like it in school because I HAD to do it. Now I can do it on my own time and I see fit. I don’t have to follow any certain type of reading material. I can just pick one up and go!

For 2016, I have decided that I am making it a goal to read two books per month. So far for January I am on track! I finished my first one yesterday and started a new one today! I am also going to write about the books I read in case someone else has been curious about that particular one.

My first book for the year was The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. I actually bought this book while we were in Puerto Rico at the end of December. We only found one bookstore with a selection of books in English! It wasn’t a large selection, but it was enough for us to make it out with 3 books. I started it then only reading a few chapters but finally picked it up in January! The first few weeks of January were incredibly hectic so I wasn’t able to read it as quickly as I would have liked.  This was one of those books I didn’t want to put down!

As the title states this is a book about husband’s secrets. Don’t worry,I’m not actually going to say what any of those secrets are! This is one of those books where she just keeps sucking you in chapter after chapter. Isn’t that the point? But seriously, she did. Each chapter revealed a little bit to keep you wanting more. The book doesn’t just involve one family. There are multiple. Each chapter will tell a little about each and slowly you begin to see how the are tied together.

If you want a book that keeps you guessing, this one is perfect for it! I kept trying to figure out where Liane was going next and she always surprised me. New tidbits of information at every turn. This is one of those reads about how one small step in your life can make a difference on your future. I highly recommend it.

I also recommend curling up with some crazy socks, a big blanket, and most importantly a glass of your favorite wine.