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We were at TJ Maxx the other looking for who knows what. I was wandering around a bit and ended up at the children’s books. Randomly in the stack was the book Big Little Lies. I immediately knew who the author was based on the cover. Liane Moriarty has cute covers in my opinion! So, yes, I am also drawn to what the cover of a book looks like. Anyway, I read her book The Husband’s Secret a couple years ago. {You can read the review of it here} She is the type of author that keeps you guessing what will happen next with each passing page. I love it! After I read the first book I knew I wanted to read more of hers one day, I just had not gotten around to it. I had just finished reading the book Make It Happen, so I was ready to start something new. I enjoy going back and forth between books for fun and personal development type books. I think both are great types of reads!

I loved this book because it was an easy read. I’m not one that reads quickly and I finished it in a couple of days. Hello nap time and bed time reading! I want to read a book that I don’t want to put down. I want one where it has my full attention and I’m not getting bored with it. This book was that for me.

Big Little Lies book is one that will take you on a roller coaster. The author is from Australia so the book takes place there. It involves a number of parents and their children that are all beginning kindergarten at the same school. The title of the book let’s you know right away to take everything that is said by each character with a grain of salt. The whole book is centered around a murder investigation that takes place at the schools trivia night.

  {Don’t worry I didn’t give anything away, you find this out in the first few pages!}
At first as I was reading it all I could think was, “This is like a bunch of high school cliques and gossip!” That’s even how I described it to a friend, but then I realized there were more issues at play here. This book also discusses a lot of problems that are encountered everyday such as bullying, domestic abuse, and body image. These problems are not from one character either, multiple are involved. With each new chapter, the author let’s you in on a little bit more information, but never enough to guess who was the victim and who did it. Each chapter makes you guess it is someone different! I’ll be honest, I did not guess either correctly.
The characters all have very different personality types. There’s the one that is all about her heels and make up, one that is so beautiful that she doesn’t notice it, the shy reserved one, the business men and women, the yoga instructor, and stay at home moms. There is ex husband drama and issues with nanny taking notice of husbands. Parents with more money then they know what to do with and others just making it each day. It is definitely a school with many different types of backgrounds coming together. Which could also lead to why there are disagreements amongst the parents.
I hope you enjoy reading it as well!

I’ve heard this is also a series on HBO now. If you have seen it, I would love to hear your thoughts. Especially if you have read the book!