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It’s that wonderful time of year where the new 2018 calendar year planners are coming out! I LOVE planners.

Like absolutely love them.

I’ve always been more of a pen to paper kind of person. Sure there are some things I keep in my phone calendars like doctors appointments, hotel reservations, or flights but everything else is written down. The organization of seeing what’s happened, what’s going on today, and what’s coming up is so relaxing to me. Yes, seeing it all is relaxing to me. That means it’s no longer scattered in my head where I will forget it. If I don’t write it down I will more than likely forget!

I’ve started my search for my 2018 planner and I’m very undecided. So many new and beautiful ones are out there! So many have qualities that I like and others not so much. I can’t decide what to go with!



For the last 3 years, I have been a Passion Planner fan all the way! I love their planner. I love that it opens flat with an amazing cover. I love I can see my whole week while still having space for each day. I have tried the classic and compact size of this planner. I prefer the classic since it is much larger {about normal paper size} so it gives me plenty of room to write all the things. Either size also comes with a ribbon bookmark. Below are the last 3 I have used. The pink one is the current year one. For 2018 they have even more color options!

Each week has a spot for the weekly focus, good things that happened, personal to-do list, work to-do list, a large blank space, and each day has time slots from 6:00am to 10:30pm. For the past years it has been a Sunday start to the week. For 2018 you have the option to choose a Sunday or Monday start. I love they added that option because I like one that starts with Monday so my weekend days are next to each other for the current week.

Each month also has a full monthly calendar at the beginning of it. I have been using those to write out something good that happened each day. It is so fun to look back and see! I didn’t always use it this way, so that is new since April of this year. The end of each month has a monthly reflection section. This gives you the opportunity to look back on the month of what was good, what you learned, what you were grateful for, and ways to improve in the next month.

Since it is called a Passion Planner, at the very beginning of the planner there is a passion roadmap. This is where you can dream and create goals to work towards. It even breaks it down with certain time increments {3 months, one year, lifetime, etc} and has you fill in the dates. Then take those ideas and put them to work within your planner!


One that has caught my eye this year is the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley.

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

I discovered Emily after reading her book Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy. In the book she talks about simplifying her life and what that meant to her. In her search for the perfect planner she decided to create one herself. One that had everything she needed and embraced the need for white space. She talks about how it is ok to not have something for all hours of the day and your to-do list to be short.

There are two options for this planner – the weekly and the daily. After looking at their website, I would want the daily planner. I really like that each day has it’s own page. There are still daily time slots, but for each day there is also a to-do list section, notes, and meals. The weekly planner just doesn’t have enough space to write everything for me.

For where I am at currently, I believe THIS is the planner for me this year! I really like that I can have a daily to-do list and see it each day. Plus have you seen the cute covers for 2018?! I want the Fancy Floral {far right in the image below!} That bright colors is one thing that drew me to this planner. The tabs are also bright colors. I am wanting to get away from the all black of the inside of the Passion Planner.

Simplified Planner, Emily Ley, Daily Planner

One negative that I have found from looking at the Simplified Planner is there is not a bookmark. They do sell them on their website though. I would definitely have to get one or use a paperclip to keep my page. Since it has a page for each day that would be a lot of pages to flip through to find the day!

It does have monthly tabs for each month. Each month has a monthly spread so you are still able to see the full month at a glance. At the beginning of the planner there is a bucket list for the year. And it comes with a sticker sheet! I haven’t seen this planner in person yet, so I can’t say as much about it. Only what I have seen from their website and searching Instagram.


Another one I have tried is the Happy Planner. I bought this planner in the middle of 2016. The colors and all the different monthly dividers caught my eye. I loved the colors!

This planner lasted all of one month and I threw it away. Sigh. The layout didn’t work for me. It has a weekly spread and each day it split up into 3 blocks. I didn’t like not having time slots listed and that is just personal preference. If you search #happyplanner on Instagram you can get sucked in to so many cute ones that have been posted! To me, this is similar to Erin Condren so I have no tried that one either. It seems like these are a lot of extra work to make them work. I personally like to keep it simple and write in what I want. It also could be because I don’t have the creativity {or patience!} to add all the washi tape and stickers. I have been using stickers a bit recently in my PowerSheets goal planner and some in my Passion Planner recently! So I am coming around to the idea 🙂

I have wanted to try the Fitness Planner from Happy Planner. I meal plan each week and this one is designed so you can write out your meals each week as well as your workout for each day. I was bummed because I saw this morning that these were on a door buster special yesterday for insanely cheap at Michael’s. It was about 8 bucks where it’s normally $35ish for the kit. I love a good sale!

I would love to hear your favorite planner or your thoughts if you have tried any of the above! Please share below.