I have shared a little on social media about starting a new workout program called 80 Day Obsession. If you follow me on Instagram I have shared more there in my stories. I’m not trying to blow up everyone’s feed with daily posts about it so I thought the stories and then {hopefully} a weekly blog update on it would do!

I’ll address a few common questions about the program then tell about my first week of it.

What is the program?

80 Day Obsession is the newest program from Beachbody that is currently only available on Beachbody On Demand (BOD). Because there are 80 different workouts it just would not be cost effective to have this program available on DVD.

My bank account thanks you.

This is a program that is for people that have been working out for a bit and have established essentially a base line of fitness. Don’t worry there are plenty of other programs available on BOD to help you reach the level of fitness to do this program!

The main goal of this program is to sculpt your abs and build your booty. Can I get an amen?!

What equipment is needed?

You will need multiple size weights {light, medium, and heavy}, the resistance loops, sliders, a foam roller (optional), and a mat (optional). The weights we currently own are 5, 10, 15, and 30 lb dumbbells. I am hoping by the end of the program I am doing more moves with the 30lb weights.


What about a meal plan?

This program is all about timed nutrition. What does that mean exactly? You have certain times you are to eat. There is a workout block time frame and then the rest of your day is built around that. For example, I get up at 5 am to eat and then I workout, followed by a quick snack, then a post workout meal. This all happens within a 4 hours block. I’m not giving away exact specifics because that is info we get for doing the program 🙂 We also are given a list of foods of what we can eat. All these foods are portioned out with the portion containers. It makes it super simple! And don’t be deceived that the containers look small. They actually hold a lot of food and sometimes I have trouble eating it all.

There is also a plan laid out if you are vegan.

Is there a video?

Yes! Click here.

Random Facts:

  • There are two recovery type workouts. Roll and Release which uses a foam roller. It hurts so good! The other is Stretch and Release. This one hasn’t been released yet so I don’t know how it is.
  • There are music playlists on Spotify to go with the workouts. Since the program was filmed live there isn’t any background music.
  • There are tracker sheets so you can track your progress on which band size and weights you are using.
  • Weekly videos with the cast called Weekly Obsession to show you what is coming up for the week and how the cast is doing during the program.
  • Extra videos include quick tips and eating plan tips

Now we will get to how week one was for me!

For starters, I discovered some muscles I never knew existed this week! Those little loops work in mysterious ways! Good, mysterious ways.

Currently I am in Phase 1. There are 3 phases in this program. I am really excited to do this one because this is the first time in two years that I could go all in on a program. Last time I went all in I found out I was pregnant when I finished so it has been a little while!

I’ll be honest, the most difficult part for me is the timed nutrition piece. Like I’m sure I failed at that miserably this week. I think I may set reminders to pop up on my phone for the upcoming week to see if that helps. I’ve seen people do it in the coach test group I am in and it seemed to help them. The actual planning of the meals is easy to me but making sure I’m eating what I’m supposed to when I supposed to was a bit more difficult.

The workouts are TOUGH. Thankfully Autumn and the cast were breathing heavy and sweating right along with me! It really does make me feel so much better when I see the trainer of the program needing to stop for water. It adds in the human factor!

Each day was different workout. There is Total Body Core, Booty, Legs, Cardio, and Cardio Flow. The workouts are full body workouts each day but hit harder on the muscles that are intended for that day such as the booty. Whew that day was only using the little bands and it was a good one! That was a workout you felt for the remainder of the day. For rest day we did Roll and Release. It was a 20 minute workout using the foam roller.

Oh my word.

It was exactly what I needed! I wish I had done it mid week as well. This coming week I will be adding it in before Sunday.

Overall for the week I am pleased with how I did with the workouts. I scheduled myself to get up at 5 am, eat, and then workout. A couple mornings I hit the snooze button for about 20 minutes, but I was able to get them all completed first thing. Sticking completely to the meal plan as I said before was the hardest part for me. I did cave and give in to Taco Bell one night. Considering I had it twice the week before I was happy with that! I did weigh myself to see if I had lost any out of curiosity. In one week I was down 2 lbs. Again, this is from eating better food this week as compared to the previous so I know a lot of that was getting rid of fluff!

I am very excited to see how the next week goes and see my progress!

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