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Let me just start out by saying I absolutely LOVED Core de Force! For many reasons really.

The first being the fact that I was able to complete it. Period. I thought this program was a great idea to try when I was released to workout after having C. I quickly realized that was not a good idea for me! I did not have the core strength to do the moves correctly. There is nothing wrong with that! I didn’t want to risk injuring myself so I chose to do 3 Week Yoga Retreat, Cize, and Country Heat first with Beachbody on Demand. This was perfect for me because I was able to build strength back up without trying to follow any crazy moves. It is so important to listen to your body. You know what feels right and what doesn’t. Listen to that.

My goal with this program was to complete it and build strength. Not get a six pack! Although I would not have complained about that, but that is never my goal with any program. I want to know that my body is strong and capable. Fitness is so much more than what you look like. After pregnancy I did not feel strong in my core. At all! My body may have gone back down to my normal size very quickly after birth but I did not have the strength I had before. Every move in this program helps to strengthen your core {and every other body part}!

This program is an MMA style program so there are tons of punches and kicks going on. This means you get a great workout in your shoulders and booty too! Hello perfect summer workout. I was really happy with the definition I got in my shoulders. For 30 days I only lifted weights one time trying out a new workout and my shoulders look so much more defined! Below is me at 6 weeks postpartum and today! All the punches and push ups really did work.

6 week postpartum – zero shoulder definition

Today – shoulders!

Do You Need Equipment?

Nope! You may want a yoga mat for comfort, but it isn’t required. I did use my Beachbody Comfort Mat because it’s incredibly comfortable! There are two workouts {Power Sculpt and Dynamic Strength} that give you all kinds of crazy full body moves so you don’t need any weights with this program. It was designed to be a full body workout using your own body weight and movement. Trust me, you can get amazing results without ever lifting a weight! I LOVED Power Sculpt. Dynamic Strength and I did not get along! It was very challenging for me. So many different kinds of push ups. But it was a total sweat fest!

Is there a video to watch?

Yep! Click here to see. Fun fact – the female trainer, Jericho, filmed this program shortly after having her first baby!

How is the meal plan?

I’m still nursing so I’m not following any specific type of meal plan. I am aiming to eat healthy as often as possible but I am not following the container system. If I’m hungry, I eat. It is more important to me to keep up my supply then it is to get shredded right now. But it is very possible to get results from working out while nursing! The key is stay hydrated and eat enough.

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

Can you get results with this program?

Umm, yeah. Some serious ones too. I don’t think there was a part of my body that didn’t change. Every move works your abs and another part of your body so you are constantly increasing muscle strength. Plus this workout is FUN! It is so important to enjoy what you are doing or you won’t push yourself. Were there days I didn’t want to do it? Heck yes. Especially days that when Dynamic Strength was the workout of the day. But, I pushed through the 30 days and learned new moves and ways to work.

I didn’t take my measurements at the beginning of this program. It completely slipped my mind until I was around week 3 probably. I can’t tell you the total inches lost or weight lost. I can tell you I can do a push up. I can tell you my shoulders are more toned. I can tell you my legs have more definition. I can tell you my waist is smaller and stronger. I can tell you I love the way my arms look.

Statements like that are so much more important to me then I lost 3lbs.

If you are interested in trying this program out you can find it here or try it using Beachbody on Demand which is my favorite way to stream workouts!

Extra Cuteness

Oh! and if you think little ones aren’t watching, they are. It doesn’t matter how old they are, they pick up on what you are doing. Some moves I had to modify and would hold a plank longer if I was unable to continue with push ups. Someone was watching and started doing her own planks. She holds them for a few seconds. It really is amazing to see what they pick up on! She also does what looks like downward dog and child’s pose. She might be my little yoga baby!

If you have any questions about this workout feel free to reach out to me!